Our Story

We are two Army officers who became friends through the most unlikely of circumstances: cadre and student. We stayed connected during our careers and one day we recognized a need for better professional development. We wanted to find a way to reconnect leaders to each other, so we started with the most obvious solution and it has grown ever since.

Our Philosophy

Leaders develop other leaders, but the tools available to the military for professional development are limited. We’re creating a sharing economy to tap into the wealth of different experiences that are hidden across the military. We want every military professional to exceed their own experiences and learn from each other. Together, we will have better leaders, a better military, better families, and better citizens.

Who We Are

Military Mentors, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) and was founded in 2015 to improve the quality of leadership in the military. Military Mentors connects its members and gives them the best tools possible to develop themselves and each other into engaged and self-aware leaders. With Military Mentors, you can safely and privately connect to other service members who share your interest in leadership development. Military Mentors is not simply an internet forum or a message board, but rather a living community of people who care about personal growth.


  • Jim Perkins, Co-Founder and CEO

    Jim is an Army officer and a nerd at heart who currently lives in Washington, DC while attending business school. He is passionate about leader development, solving problems, and leaving the world around him better than he found it. He generally dislikes the status quo in the military. He has had a few excellent mentors, like Chevy, but he rarely felt personally engaged in the military and decided to solve the problem for himself and hopefully for others.

  • Chevy Cook, Co-Founder and Mentor

    Chevy is contrarian against the anti-intellectual view of military leadership and development. Life’s taught him a thing or two about the importance of connecting to others, so he tries to be a chameleon in a variety of spaces. He knows that modern money is actually just a bunch of electrons in cyberspace, so he hopes to make others rich through investments of his time. As an active duty Army officer who taught in West Point’s Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, he’s glad to be a part of this opportunity and has known Jim since the day he wrecked then New-Cadet Perkins’ world in 2002.

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