Our team here at MilitaryMentors.org would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year.  We are very glad to be a continued presence in your 2017 and beyond.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your professional development!

Officially launching last May, we’ve been posting various content since October 2015.  Our content has included active duty service members and civilian veterans authors that range from junior leaders to senior officers; many of these posts have been timely and uplifting enough to be shared and read many times over – our popular new year’s message from last year is still very applicable now.

In the past year we’ve expanded to publish in the Small Wars Journal (which garnered over 22k ‘likes’), the J.E.T. Fuel blog, crafted a Mentorship Guide (soon to be available on our website), guest spoke at various military units, connected with veteran talent and mentorship organizations like Oweyaa and PROMOTE, and began a habitual relationship with United States Army Special Operations Command, teaching and guest mentoring for their Young Lions Program, a quarterly professional development conference for hand-selected Special Operations officers.  A set of four of our blogs, by guest author Terron Wharton, found their way into a full article in the Armor Magazine.  Finally, both Jim and Chevy were also selected to the 2017 cohort of the Truman National Security Project, becoming members of their Defense Council.  It was a busy year!

2017 is sure to be just as busy, in a good way.  We are on a mission for mentorship.  Without a doubt, this mission is of the utmost importance; let’s ensure we continually strengthen our military’s future by fostering mentorship’s good outcomes.  Seek out a mentor if you don’t have one, and become a mentor for someone if you haven’t yet taken the chance.  One anonymous author defined a mentor as “someone who’s hindsight can become your foresight“.  This idea captures a special nuance of mentorship – it’s both reflective and forward-thinking.  This nuanced approach may be a lot to ponder, but we encourage you to take the effort, as Earl Nightingale said that “we become what we think about“.  In this light, let’s start off this new year in the spirit of reflectiveness.  As such, we’d like to share our most popular posts from 2016.  This will be a great way to bring the best of 2016 forward into your professional development for 2017.  Please take a moment to click through our top 5 posts here:

  1. Mentoring: The Light That Shines On The Path of Success
  2. The Hard Thing About Hard Things
  3. Looking In The Mirror
  4. Connections Are In The Air
  5. Lighting The Fire For New Connections


We believe in you.  We are here for you.  We want to facilitate reflection, partnerships, and deeper connections for you.  What can we do for you in 2017?  What other organizations should we bring to the fold or connect with?  How can we be more accessible for you?  What are your professional development and mentorship needs?  What are people around you saying about mentorship?  Help us find the gaps.  Help us meet the needs of your community.  Help us be a better organization, and in turn take charge of mentorship across our armed forces!

Happy 2017!

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